Our Pledge to Clients

When it comes to investing, successful outcomes require more than portfolio management. For that reason, when you entrust the Friedman Investment Group with your financial future, you can count on us to always:

  • Listen carefully and drill beneath the surface to identify, understand and discuss what really matters to you
  • Help you define and clarify your concerns and short and long term goals
  • Provide unbiased advice based on your risk tolerance, interests, needs and goals
  • Surround you with the right team of specialists and experts so you can count on relevant, strategic and consequential solutions
  • Involve your family in the conversation and ensure everyone understands and agrees
  • Clearly define what “success” means to you
  • Meet regularly to evaluate, re-evaluate, recommend and revise when necessary
  • Be proactive, be the voice of reason and experience, inspire you to think differently or step outside of your comfort zone when it’s in your best interest
  • Safely shepherd you through the peaks and valleys of investing
  • Create an environment that encourages your participation and meaningful discussions and debates between us

In other words, provide you with value beyond returnsTM...