Range of Services

Representing more than 100 years of experience, The Friedman Investment Group is uniquely qualified to help you increase your wealth, while protecting your capital; so you have the freedom to live your life.

The more we know, the better we can serve you. Understanding your tax position, whether or not your family is properly protected financially and even meeting your beneficiaries helps us help you. But planning and saving for retirement is just the first step

Protecting the legacy you leave requires and deserves every bit as much of your attention. After all, what you leave, to whom you leave it and how it’s left certainly account for some of the reasons you started to save in the first place: To make sure your loved ones are well taken care of; and to also ensure that they can avoid both the stress and the burden of having to deal with any confusion.

In addition to our team expertise at Friedman Investment Group, you also have access to a team of experts who provide a full range of wealth planning services through:

  • the specialists available through our partners at the CIBC group of companies, and the
  • outside experts who are extended members of our team

    At Friedman Investment Group we are committed to helping you find the right solution for all your investment needs, both current and long term. And we are delighted to be able to offer our clients access to expert advice, specialized services, innovative ideas and strategic solutions from a combination of our Friedman Investment Group of companies and outside specialist whose work we admire and trust. Two of those specialist firms – O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers and Goodman Mintz LLP – have kindly allowed us to share some of their articles and newsletters with you and links provided below. We update our list of alliances and add new material regularly, so please check back often.

So if you do need or want help with any of these services,

we can facilitate and refer you to specialists in estate planning, comprehensive financial planning exclusively for ultra-high net worth investors, guidance in tax issues, private banking and estate and trust lawyers.

A well-thought-through estate plan, for example, takes into consideration whether or not you should appoint a trustee, the most advantageous way to make lasting charitable contributions, and how including life insurance can minimize the tax impact of receiving an inheritance.

If you’re a business owner, transition planning is every bit as critical as growing your business was in the first place. You want to ensure that the sale or transition of your business is structured in a way that maximizes its worth, or that you have ample time to think about a rightful successor if that’s your preferred route. And we have professionals who specialize in this area, and can advise on every step you have to take — a highly-valued service Friedman Investment Group clients can access as part of our relationship.

You also have some choices in how we work together — we can involve you in every buy-sell transaction or, if you prefer, you can give us discretion to manage your portfolio — once we have set your objectives and have agreed upon some limits. It’s up to you.

As for the cost of doing business with Friedman Investment Group, our preference is to charge a portfolio management fee that’s based on the value of your invested assets, excluding cash. So we do well when you do well. We understand that fees matter.

Products and services we are pleased to offer you:

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Estate Planning Business Transition Planning Fee-Based Portfolio Solutions Charitable Giving Programs
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